Lucky Patcher is the most popular and successful app modifier which one can do purchase coin, gems, game money and also can buy the paid features of a Game or App. Lucky Patcher can buy any kind of In App purchase. No need to buy just few of clicks you can get all of paid features, coins, gems, money with this app.

Lucky Patcher is the most active app modifier if you follow its official website you will get to know that they always update that app. When new custom patched is updated you will get notification and app will automatically update its custom patch. New app version update will notify users and user can update automatically the app.

Lucky Patcher App Features:

  1. Removing Ads
  2. Buying coin, gems, money for games
  3. Buying Paid Features for App
  4. Moving system app to normal app and normal to system
  5. Buying Paid app
  6. Moving files and apps system to SD card
  7. Backup and retrieve

Removing Ads:

If you are bored with your apps or games advertisement you can remove ads with Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher can remove apps/ games system ads and google ads too. This app will scan your apps full code and detect the apps ads code and this app is capable to modify, remove and delete the ads. You will get multiple option for removing ads. You will find “Turn off ads”, “Patch to Remove”, “Disable Ad Activities”.

Buying Coin, Gems, Money For Games:

If you are game lover and do purchase coin, gems from google play store, this app is for you. Lucky Patcher can bypass the google payment method so users can buy for free. In this method lucky patcher will bypass google payment page and send a fake notification about successful payment, so google play store will accept your purchase. In this method users can buy others paid features too like games weapons, arms, boost and many more. All over this app can bypass google payment page for any InApp purchase. If your App or game allow any kind of InApp purchase you can buy that with Lucky Patcher.

Buying Paid Features for App:

If you are using any free version app you can make it paid version with Lucky Patcher. This app can unlock any paid features. Just few of clicks will save your money and will give you paid pro test of your favorite apps.

Changing Normal App to System App:

As a modifier this app can modify system app, it can change system app as a normal app. Some of default android apps are not necessary to keep in system folder, in this case you can move system app to normal app. On other hand if you need to keep any app in system as a system app you can make a copy of apps into system folder. As simple explanation you can change any app as system app or normal app whatever it is belong to.

Moving Files and Apps to SD Card:

If your system ROM has low space and you need to move files to SD card, you can move your file to SD card. When it is App your move your apps to SD card, you can move app apk and OBB file and also other files too. You can move anything to SD card with Lucky Patcher. This app can easily move your files from system to SD card for a single click.

Backup and Retrieve:

User can take a full Backup of your system files and app as external files and can retrieve from external file. User can backup apps and other files too. And this process is faster and easy.

Before Downloading:

Before downloading you need to know the system requirement and permission requirement. You will get a complete idea about before download Lucky Patcher.

  1. Android version need to be 2.33(Gingerbread) or Above
  2. 1 GB RAM (not less than 512 MB)
  3. 1 GB Internal Storage (not less than 10 MB)
  4. Root or NonRooted

Permission Requirements:

  1. Modifying on system setting
  2. Drawing over on other apps
  3. Modify and delete permission on SD card
  4. Modifying and delete permission on System rom
  5. Location

How to download Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher is a non-play store apps you will not find it in google play store. You can download Lucky Patcher from their official website.

Version for Rooted and UnRooted Phone:

Lucky Patcher app is same for Rooted and NonRooted. This app will automatically detect the rooted phone and unrooted phone and it will show user their priority and limitations. So, don’t worry about root access of your mobile phone. But rooted device gets some extra features from NonRooted Android Device.

How to install Lucky Patcher?

Here is the instructions to install Lucky Patcher app successfully:

  1. Tap on Lucky Patcher Installer
  2. You will get a notification like that “Do You want to install the Lucky Patcher V.8.1.1”, please tap on “Yes”
  3. When you will tap on “install” button the installer will organize the necessary files for installing Lucky Patcher.
  4. You may get the notification about installing from unknown sources. Click on Setting and it will forward you setting > Security > Unknown Sources
  5. After That you will get install button
  6. Please select install button
  7. After that you will get a notification congratulation
  8. After that you can uninstall the Lucky Patcher Uninstaller


Question: Is Lucky Patcher a virous?

Answer: NO, Lucky Pather is not a virous or malware it is 100% safe and secure.

Question: Why google play detect Lucky Patcher as a harmful app?

Answer: Lucky Patcher is one of Hacking tool, so Lucky Patcher need some advance access and advance code. For some of advance programming google detect this app as a harmful app.

Question: Is Lucky Patcher can run on NonRooted Device?

Answer: Yes, Lucky Patcher can run both Rooted and NonRooted devices.

Question: Why this app gets rapid update?

Answer: Developer Team is ultimate proactive they update lucky patcher and when new patched file is updated by other users then app got a new custom update.

Question: Can Lucky Patcher hack all games and apps?

Answer: NO, Sorry if the games or app is maintained by any cloud database or online database lucky patcher unable to hack them. But most of offline games is vulnerable.

Question: Does Lucky Patcher has any IOS APP?

Answer: No, Sorry Lucky Patcher has no any IOS version. This app is only for android device.

Question: Is lucky patcher access in my personal data?

Answer: No, Lucky Patcher will not access or share any of your personal data.

Question: What is Custom Patch?

Answer: Custom Patch is one of way to patch any app or game easily.

Question: How to undo my change?

Answer: Please select Remove ODEX with Changes (Restore the app)